People often say, when looking at a piece of my work, “it looks so real!” They are right, it doesn’t look “real like a photograph, but there is a quality of realness in it. I used colored pencils to create my art and, as any colored pencil artist will tell you, it is a slow and unforgiving medium. The colors and textures are developed by slowly and carefully laying down a layer upon layer of pigment (Up to 40 plus layers sometimes!). Unforgiving because there is no erasing a mistake! These characteristics require me to study and examine my reference photo intensely. To notice the things that are unseen to the passive looker , but that embodies the qualities of reality to the subject, is my goal in each piece. This intention reveals the nature and personality hidden in each subject.



I am inspired by the natural beauty all around and I love to reveal the beauty of details hidden in nature.  They are the little secrets that make each piece special.


Colored pencils are the perfect medium for me, the precision I can achieve and the variety of colors highlight my detail oriented techniques. 


I have achieved many things as an artist, being in juried shows and winning awards, but the most memorable was when I was contacted by a stranger. They had seen a piece I created as a gift and they inquired about commissioning me to draw a piece for them! That made me realize I was an artist with skills recognizable to someone outside friends and family.